Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On A Small Hiatus...

Sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier. I am on a little break from posting (and Entrecard dropping). I have some personal matters happening now that I am taking care of and require a lot of time. I still sit in the evenings and check in on some of your blogs, so keep up the great job of writing exciting/ entertaining material. I'll be back soon. Not soon enough to save my nice rankings from Alexa and Google, but they will recover over time. I'll be back in a couple of weeks, unless something so funny happens in the meantime that I just can't help but post it. Until then, peace and love to all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Q starting to move into walking phase

Little Baby Q is starting to get the hang of walking. I had her pegged for about a month ago, but she has her own schedule. I just figured that if you can jump and do squats you should be able to walk. Here she is using some support to walk. Yesterday was the first day she tried it.

So amazing to watch her grow and develop into a little girl and start to leave the baby stage slowly behind her.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Severe Weather

This was a bad week for weather. I should learn to be more tuned into watching the weather channel or looking at weather.com because it always seems as if the inclement weather sneaks up on me. 

This past Friday the weather caught us off guard again while L and I were on a date night. We had gone out for some sushi and as you probably imagined from past experiences we were going to head over to Target once again after dinner to do some quick shopping. Why that has become or normal date routine I am not exactly sure. It just seems that when you have a chance to head to the store and not be trying to control a toddler as you walk through the aisles, that just seems to be the right time to go. The only time that happens is when we are on a date, so... 

Well, this date night we were eating when my sister called. My sisters and parents tend to worry about us. They know that with T around we don't really get to watch "normal" television programs. When T.V. is on we have it on Noggin or Disney Channel depending on which has the most appropriate show for some one under seven years old. Unfortunately those channels do not give us weather warnings like a regular local station would. Because of this they call anytime they see a weather warning on TV to make sure we know about it. It's like having our own back up system in place. Anyway, she called to tell us there were tornado warnings and severe weather warnings for our area. 

We ate quickly so we could get out to the car and listen to the radio. All the warnings were for the towns we had to go through to get back home. We could see clouds along the horizon and thought we could beat them home. We were wrong. A short time into the drive we hit the storm. Rain, then heavy rain, and then hail. The warning was saying watch out for hail up to golf ball size in diameter. Just what we needed, golf ball size hail. Well, the hail was only pea sized so far but hitting the car hard, like gravel being thrown at us from evil clouds. We talked it over and decided the best thing to do was find cover. There was a gas station in the next town. We would head for that. We were not that far, but with the severe conditions it was hard to drive over 20 miles per hour. The ride took forever and we were paranoid the whole way. Finally we arrived at the gas station. It was obvious that other drivers had the same idea. The overhang was crowded with cars, except for one spot which we managed to move into. Most of the car was under cover, except for the back end. On that part we could still hear the constant barrage of hail hitting the car like machine gun fire. 

After a few minutes of hanging out we finally heard the hail stop and just the heavy rain was beating down on us. We looked out at the ground to see it was covered with a white layer of hail. My wife looked out her door and said, "Wow, look at that... Oh never mind. That really is a golf ball! What are the odds of that?" I was cracking up so hard. After all that stress of trying to get safe, and all the talk on the radio about golf ball sized hail, what are the odds of opening your door and actually seeing a golf ball laying there at your feet? Just hilarious! 

Having a nice laugh felt good. The rain let up enough where I could see ahead of me far enough to drive the rest of the way home. We arrived home to find our house and family were safe. My parents and sisters houses were without power however. Tornadoes had hit their area and knocked down trees and power lines. They had power again by Saturday night, so all things ended well for them and us. Hope everyone else is safe from the storms in the South East this past week end. Best wishes to everyone as the storms continue to move through the area day after day. Stay safe, Summer isn't that far away and we will be able to get back to talking about the drought again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Random Tuesday

I like Tuesdays. I like them because it seems the best day to just blurt stuff out and not worry about putting things into any logical order. I think that Keely over at the UnMom is to thank for allowing us this Tuesday freedom from order by coming up with her weekly Random Tuesday Thoughts.

1. We went on a mini vacation this past week end for a wedding. Unfortunately we didn't think the whole thing through so well. The drive down should have taken eight hours. We had a baby and a toddler in the car, and much of the ride sounded like, "I have to pee!", "I am hungry!" "I have to potty!". Which lead to multiple unplanned stops along with many planned stops for exercise and food. Twelve hours later we arrived at our destination. Day two involved a three hour drive across the state, and then day three left from the new location allowed us to have a nice thirteen hour ride home. I have to add that I have the best wife and kids in the world. They made this long trip without any problems. I don't think the baby even cried more than five minutes the entire ride. We do now realize that flying would be a much better option the next time we head down that way. 

2. My son seems to have some odd powers that are a little freaky. He reminds me of some character on Heroes or something. Don't believe me? I don't blame you, but here is what we have seen so far: 

a. One rainy day I didn't want to go out to work in the rain so I jokingly asked T to make the rain stop. He put his hands on the window and yelled "Stop Rain!" and within a minute or two the rain ended. OK, I know that is total coincidence. I might be with you on that one. 

b. Driving him home from school we were practicing colors by naming the colors of oncoming cars as they passed us. When there were no cars coming I still asked him,"What color is the next car?" He told me a color, and the next car that eventually came by was that color. I did it again, and again he was right. I did it a third time, and he picked the right color again. I was about to drive him to some paranormal research center at that point, when he finally got the next one wrong. But three out of four car colors right on cars that he could not have seen coming due to hills and distance... That's freaky. 

c. Before this trip I found a gameboy game cartridge in a box full of junk. I thought it would be nice for him to have a new game to keep him busy on the ride. As we were driving my wife gave him the game. He put it in and it didn't work. He gave it to my wife because she said she would look at it and maybe get it to work. After taking it out and putting it back in and trying a few other things she determined it was just a bad cartridge. She told T that it was a bad game and he would have to play his other game instead. "NO! Give me it! I want to play that game!" I said,"T its broken, we don't have any magic to make a broken game work. If it is broken it won't work." He kept persisting he could make it work. My wife said OK, and gave it to him to let him see for himself it wouldn't work, but dang if he didn't flip the switch and have the game come right up. 

d. Finally, and this is a little lame in the paranormal world I would assume: T watches Toy story every once in a while and in it the mean neighbor kid plays that crane game where you move the crane over the toys and then drop it down. It grips a toy and then carries it over to the little door and drops it in. Everyone has seen this game, many have played it, but I have never seen anyone win it and actually get a prize. So I prepared him many times telling him that no one wins this game. I wanted him to be ready when the crane came up empty. We were at a breakfast together with the whole family and he sees one of these games. I thought I would let him try it. He tells me that he doesn't need any help. Come on, he just turned four. It is a crane operated by a joystick. I gave him the concept that he has to pick a toy, move the crane over it and then push the button to drop the crane claw on it. I reiterated that no one ever wins this, and that we were not going to play it again. I just wanted him to try it once and see how it works. You see where this is headed. Next scene has the family gathered around taking pictures of him in front of the game with his prize. 

3. I had my first dance with my daughter at a wedding. For being two feet tall she is quite a good dancer. I think the thirty hours of driving involved in the weekend were worth it for those few minutes. 


4. I am somehow now addicted to a game called Mafia Wars on FaceBook. It seems so lame, but I keep logging in to check on my "Mafia Family" to make sure I'm not being attacked and to attack others and cause general havoc in my attempt to create my empire of wealth and power. Like I need something else sucking my time away from me. 

5. Have a great Tuesday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Arcade Fun Page Update

Just a note for anyone who actually checks out the Arcade Fun page, which may only be me as far as I know. I have added some new games. I found I was bored with checkers, so I removed it.
I remember that as a teenager I played a lot of Ms Pacman at the Arcade section of the local bowling alley. Yes mom, that is where all my money from my paper route went. So many quarters went into that darn game. If only I had a quarter for every quarter I dropped into those silly games I'd... well, I'd probably have enough to buy one of those games. So I added a version of Ms Pacman to the page. If you like playing and not dropping any quarters to do it, then hop on over and give it a shot.
Later I joined the computer generation and got hooked on Bejeweled at work. (Oh come on, like all of you worked all eight hours each day.) If you haven't tried it, you are missing out on a great time waster. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sick Little Girl

There should be a law. The law should say that kids in preschool have to wash their hands every 30 minutes. You might be able to guess why I would be an advocate for this new law, which sadly is not and will never be a real law. We are all sick again. It is like a never ending battle against the every mutant rhino-virus that runs rampant through a germ infested preschool. T seems to bring home a new cold virus every other week and then we all come down sick. His last school had a better hand washing policy and that lead to less times we had to suffer the savages of samples of sicknesses. (Sorry, just sounded like a good place to run some 's' sounds.) 

Anyway, we are all suffering sore throats and runny noses again. It's not so bad when people who can at least talk are sick, but it is so sad when a baby is suffering and can't even tell you how bad she feels except to form sad little grunts and occasional cries for assistance. (I'm attempting to help the letter 's' make a run at the most used letter. 'E' has had the title long enough and his head is starting to swell salaciously.) 

Today, Q woke up with a runny nose and sneezing, which made the runny nose a total mess. She then smears the runny snot with her slobbery hands making the matter worse. So, I get to spend my day cleaning up sneezy and her slippery face and hands. Luckily, she is wise in the ways of illnesses and knows that getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of fluids is the answer. It seems the fire place area has no age limit when it comes to being a place to rest and nap. 


[caption id="attachment_670" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Rest and plenty of fluids."]Rest and plenty of fluids.[/caption]

We should have been able to see this coming because we have a wedding to go to this week end and how else could we make the long drive just a little more uncomfortable than to take it with two sick kids and two sick parents. Oh well, things could always be worse. At least its not the flu.