Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to break your own rules

So, I went for another outing with the dog. Just a short jog was all I had planned on, but once I got going I felt that I walk a long way to loosen up, maybe I should run a little longer, or maybe go a little farther to make up for it. So I went a little farther. OK, I went a lot farther. I ended up on my old five mile route just walking a little and running a little. I was at the furthest point out when I got a little nervous. That was when I realized that if anything started to hurt I would have to suffer thorough it all the way home, and probably pay the price for a few days. Luckily it went very well. We walked a good portion of it just to be safe, and arrived home with little to no pain. Even the next morning I was feeling fine. It was good to know I could cover that distance, and that peanut could also without any real issues.
That was on Wednesday. I have been feeling good since, so this morning I decided to actually go for a run. We walked a quarter mile to loosen up. Then I ran about a mile and a half straight, followed by a quarter mile walk back to the house. Two good miles done, but after the mile and a half I did feel some tightening in my calf muscles. Hopefully the walk afterwards loosened it up enough to make a difference and I will not wake up with tight painful calves in the morning. Wish me luck....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exploits of a Mom

One may have to be into programming to find this funny, but it totally cracked me up. It is from

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Took Peanut Out For Another Ralk

Now that I have the Vibram Five Fingers I have started a whole new training regime. I learned a lot from my last attempt at training for the half marathon. This time I am hoping to be a little wiser and actually make it to race day. I had taken almost six months off due to work and hopefully that was enough. The goal now is fairly simple. I will train slowly.
Increment my distance or speed more slowly.
I will allow time between runs for my body to recover.
As always, remember to have fun.
I have done well so far. I realize the dog needed exercise too, so we go together. We walk for a while, run for a while. That's what I call a Ralk. Our first outings were only a half mile. We started with all walking, and then when my calves adapted to walks with the five fingers we were able to go longer. Walking barefooted or with the Vibrams uses different muscles than walking or running with shoes, so it takes a while to build those muscles up. Basically you start all over with your training, and that is what I needed anyway.
Today was a nice time. The weather is cool and perfect for for an outing. We went about three miles today, which is slightly farther than we went last week, but we were not really pushing. We took it nice and easy and just kept moving.
Now, if I can train Peanut to not feel the urge to poop on every run it would be much better. Having to run while carrying a baggy filled with dog doo doo is not optimal.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today's Tweets

  • Set a new PR in a 5K this morning. Ran it in 28:22, which is a 9:05 per mile avg. Not too bad with all the time off I took for my heel. #

  • Almost 9:00 PM and suddenly I am beginning to feel a bit sore all over. Hopefully that means I had a good run today. #

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Another 5 K completed!

I have seriously been bitten by this running bug. I can tell it has gotten me because after having been forced by injury to take time off, I found it difficult to not run. Every day I think about running, and even on days when i ran early in the morning, by afternoon I wonder if I should run a little more because I am feeling good. Of course, that is exactly why I ended up with an over use injury in my heel and ankle. I have cut back dramatically though, just like I should have, so hopefully it will allow me to go forward now without all the pain.
Today was a 5 K run in a nearby town. It was a fairly small event, and didn't have too many people. I liked the course though because it was mostly flat and shaded. As I started the race I did as I normally do, and that is locate someone about 20 feet ahead of me, and slowly gain on them until I catch them. Then look for the next victim. Today however I caught the gentleman and never got past him. The guy I was targeting turned out to be in the 70 - 74 year old age group. It took me a while to catch him, and when I did we started talking a bit about the race. For a few minutes I was actually ahead of him as if I was going to move on, but he never relented. About the second mile he slowly started to pull ahead of me. I checked my watch and saw that my pace was way too fast right then, so i just held my own pace and let him move on ahead. At the final half mile he was a little ahead of me. I waited until the last 200 yards or so before I picked up my pace, and in the end he beat me by one second.
It was fun to have a distraction in the race. We talked occasionally, and when one of us pulled away the other got to focus on catching up. Mostly it was me doing the catching up, but it made things more fun.
In the end, I ran a new PR of 28:22 for the 3.1 miles which came out to around 9:05 per mile average. I think the last 5 K I ran around 9:09 which was my first race, so that was a new PR by default. I am really impressed at how close I am to getting below the nine minute mile average. The fact that I had some sprint left in my legs at the end was a nice bonus. Maybe I can get under the nine minute mile mark yet.
Running a 5K in the 28 minute range when you are in your 40's gets you nothing. The gentleman I was pacing myself with however took second in his age division. So, I have that to look forward to if i can just keep this pace that long.