Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to break your own rules

So, I went for another outing with the dog. Just a short jog was all I had planned on, but once I got going I felt that I walk a long way to loosen up, maybe I should run a little longer, or maybe go a little farther to make up for it. So I went a little farther. OK, I went a lot farther. I ended up on my old five mile route just walking a little and running a little. I was at the furthest point out when I got a little nervous. That was when I realized that if anything started to hurt I would have to suffer thorough it all the way home, and probably pay the price for a few days. Luckily it went very well. We walked a good portion of it just to be safe, and arrived home with little to no pain. Even the next morning I was feeling fine. It was good to know I could cover that distance, and that peanut could also without any real issues.
That was on Wednesday. I have been feeling good since, so this morning I decided to actually go for a run. We walked a quarter mile to loosen up. Then I ran about a mile and a half straight, followed by a quarter mile walk back to the house. Two good miles done, but after the mile and a half I did feel some tightening in my calf muscles. Hopefully the walk afterwards loosened it up enough to make a difference and I will not wake up with tight painful calves in the morning. Wish me luck....

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