Thursday, February 26, 2009

Books My Toddler Loves

Every night at our house, like many of yours, is story time. Before T heads off to sleep we let him choose a book to have read to him. He has a lot of books to choose from, but usually the cream rises to the top and the same top five stories or so keep getting selected. I thought for today I would just pass along some nice books suggestions that work great for toddlers around three to four years old. 

Tiger Can't Sleep by S.J. Fore, Illustrated by R.W. Alley Published by Viking, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group. A small boy has difficulty falling asleep when the overactive tiger in his closet won't stop making noises. Almost reminds me a little of the old Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. 

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson pictures by Axel Scheffler. Published by Dial Books for Young Readers. A very smart mouse makes up a dangerous animal to keep from being eaten, only to find himself face to face with the very creature he was describing. great illustrations, and easy to remember patterns in the story telling. It is a little longer, but T almost has it memorized word for word. 

My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza published G.P. Putna,'s Sons a division of Penguin Young Reader's Group. A little pig "accidentally" knocks on the door of Mr. Fox's house. After being captured by the fox the pig gives the fox suggestions to help make himself a more delicious dinner. Unfortunately for the fox, things don't work out in his favor. I like the little surprise ending to the story. 

A Beasty Story by Bill Martin Jr. and Steven Kellogg published by Voyager Books. A good story for working on dark colors. Four mice go on an adventure into a dark house in a dark woods and come across a beast. They follow the beast and eventually find that the beast is not really a beast at all, but some of their friends playing tricks on them. 

Do Not Open This Book! by Michaela Muntean, Illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre. Published by Scholastic Inc. A great story for kids who always end up doing the opposite of what they are told. This story involves the child in the story and actually helps the author finish writing the book. Very fun to read and T laughs every time he turns the page. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Q Meets Spiderman

Q was wandering around the floor and had an encounter with Spiderman. Luckily Spiderman sings her favorite song to her.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


1. The funniest thing to the baby lately is "1 - 2 -3  SWEET POTATOES!!"

2. The funniest joke to T lately is" Why was the cat playing with the others? Because they were playing cat!" No, I don't get it, but I guess it's all in the delivery, over and over. Apparently if you keep repeating it the joke gets funnier.

3. Pecans in salad, oatmeal, by the hand full, roasted...  I am getting burned out on pecans...  So sad. Maybe I need a pecan break. 

4. I need new glasses. I didn't need glasses at all until three years ago. Then things just started to get more blurry. I assumed all printers were just printing things smaller and fuzzier. Maybe it was just a lack of quality control in all printer companies. That worked for me until my wife said she had no problem reading the print on things that I couldn't. So I got glasses. That was three years ago, but now I am sure those printer companies are lacking in quality control again because now even when I wear my glasses the print is getting fuzzy again. 

5. Potty humor. On a car ride T decided he had to poop. We stopped at a YMCA and used the bathroom in the lobby. T got situated on the toilet and I waited outside his stall door. I waited, and waited. Getting impatient I asked, "Are you done yet?" "No, not yet." he replied, "I still have a little more on the left side." Now, that is being in tune with your body. 

6. My wife and I went out on an after dark date last night for her birthday. We went to a nice restaurant. The good news is that on her birthday they carded her for her margarita. If I was thinking in advance I should have suggested the waiter do that, but luckily he did it anyway. That was the best birthday present ever right there. The bad news is that after dinner we had no idea what to do. We ruled out most date things because we were too tired, or didn't want to sit in a theatre not talking to each other for two hours. We ended up shopping at Target and went home. I remember when we used to be cool and dates didn't include shopping for cleaning products and drain openers. 

7. The chickens are 43 days old out of 63 days. Right on schedule the dreaded reaction to the LT vaccine they get started rearing its ugly head. Luckily it is only taking hold in one house of the six, and a little higher mortality in another house. The rest are still doing well. With any luck, maybe they will stay healthy all the way until the sell date. That would be nice. I could use a break right about now. 

8. Q is getting some teeth! She has one through the gums, and a second one just about to come through. That little baby wants teeth. She definitely does not like to watch her older brother eat foods and not be able to have any of what he is eating. She knows her sweet potato puree is not a chicken nugget... That transfers to everything else lately. She wants everything her brother has. What ever toy he is playing with is also her favorite toy. She will crawl across the room to try and grab the toys he has in his hands. Luckily T is being very understanding and giving her alternate things to play with. He is such a good big brother.

9. A photographer asked if she could borrow Q for a sitting. She was working on different lighting techniques I believe and needed a model to shoot. Of course we agreed. Q loves to help out. My wife has the link posted on her site. Stop by and check it out! The pictures came out very cute.

10. I have been bombarded by spam comments recently. Has someone in russia decided I have a "cool name for a blog of this kind!" and shared it with all of his friends? Is there a way to block all comments from Russia?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reasons T won't sleep

It seems every night there is some reason either T needs to come out of the bedroom, or I need to be called back in. Here is a collection of some of them:

1. "I need a drink of water."

2. "I need a hug."  or  "I forgot to give mommy a hug."

3. "I need a back rub."

4. "You didn't sing me a song."

5. "I can't find my Tigger."

6. "I think something might be in my closet."

7. "You're making too much noise. You woke me up!"

8. "I want to sleep in your bed."

9. "What are you eating?"

10. "But I'll be lonely without you."

11. "You forgot to give me my vitamin."

12. "Can you read me another story.... PLEEEEEEAASSSSSEEEE!!! Just one more story???"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Entrecard Love

I am, as usual, a little slow. I wanted to recognize my top Entrecard droppers for the past month. It is because of them, and many others that I was finally able to get my Google page rank up to a 2. I had been at a zero for so long I thought they had forgotten about me over there in the Google labs. Also, I feel a little guilty now after seeing how regularly these wonderful people visit my site, knowing that I have been so busy with real life here on the farm, and have been posting to my blog so infrequently lately. The good news, is that I am starting to get caught up, so I will hopefully be back posting more habitually very soon. To all of you faithful followers, I want to say Thank You for supporting my site even though times are a little stressed recently and there has been so much happening, yet so little to read. You are greatly appreciated. 

If you get a chance, and for some reason have not been to any of these sites, please click on their link and go check them out. They are all sites I frequent, and have found them to be very interesting, entertaining and even educational. Go ahead, check them out and see what I mean! 


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