Monday, June 22, 2009

Funny or Sad?

Should I be amused or concerned? T had gotten a Star Trek toy from a fast food restaurant. It was Lt. Uhura. There is a button on the back of it that you push and it talks. This one says,"Captain, We're being hailed." T was having fun pushing it and hearing her repeat this one phrase over and over. He played with the toy for quite a while. At one point I heard him yelling, so I went back into the room to check on him. I see him pushing the button on the toy; she says,"Captain, We're being hailed."; he says, "I'm not the captain". He pushes the button again, and repeats the whole thing louder. "Captain, We're being hailed." "I'm NOT THE CAPTAIN!". This went on for several minutes with him pushing the button, and then yelling back at the toy, until I interrupted him and he started laughing. I mean, he does know it was him pushing the button, right? In my opinion he was doing it to be funny, but really no one was in the room but him at the time. So, hopefully he just likes to amuse himself...

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Tootin Cousins

I saw this online and found it too funny to not pass along.