Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

I just listened to the hottest new pop singer, who happens to have the number one album out this week, and the number one and number two song on the Billboard Top 200 for the week. With stats like that you would think the music would be phenomenal. No. It is not. In fact, you know what it sounded like to me? It sounded like Caligula in the form of a twenty something female singer. It sounded like the end of morality. It sounded like maybe, just maybe the terrorists have won, because we have gone so far in the opposite direction of their right wing religious extremest ways that we now allow an album that is nothing but musical pornography, filled with the foulest of language and sexual context typically found in gentleman's magazines to be recorded and sold to children as legitimate music.
OK, maybe I have gone too far. Maybe it isn't the marker for the beginning of the end of civilization. It has to be close though. What scares me, is this is the digital age and parents who used to be able to look at the CD cover and see a sticker warning them that this contains lyrics they would not approve of no longer know what their kids are listening to. These songs set records for highest digital downloads in a week. It seems too easy to let kids download an album that is on the top of the pop charts, with a little Brittany-esque girls face on the cover of the album. Click, it is downloaded, click, it is loaded onto the Ipod, and click, it is played repeatedly by kids all over the country without parents even having a clue as to what evil, vile, perverted words and ideas are downloading into their kid's brains.

[caption id="attachment_802" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Mommy can I downlaod this album?"]Mommy can I downlaod this album?[/caption]
Want to hear it for yourself, you can listen to it for free at Just search for Ke$ha and her songs come up. See how long your stomach can take it, I dare you.

Oh man, have I gotten old. I remember the older generation saying the same things to the music I liked when I was younger. All kids go through the same things, have the same feelings and desires when they are teens and early 20's. There had always been limits on how songs portrayed that stage in our lives though. Artists have always tried to push the envelope on that line, but at what point do we just say, "That is just too far. We refuse to go this far beyond our moral values as a society"? Or, we can just ignore it. I am sure YOUR kids and their friends don't listen to this kind of music...