Sunday, May 15, 2011

Took Peanut Out For Another Ralk

Now that I have the Vibram Five Fingers I have started a whole new training regime. I learned a lot from my last attempt at training for the half marathon. This time I am hoping to be a little wiser and actually make it to race day. I had taken almost six months off due to work and hopefully that was enough. The goal now is fairly simple. I will train slowly.
Increment my distance or speed more slowly.
I will allow time between runs for my body to recover.
As always, remember to have fun.
I have done well so far. I realize the dog needed exercise too, so we go together. We walk for a while, run for a while. That's what I call a Ralk. Our first outings were only a half mile. We started with all walking, and then when my calves adapted to walks with the five fingers we were able to go longer. Walking barefooted or with the Vibrams uses different muscles than walking or running with shoes, so it takes a while to build those muscles up. Basically you start all over with your training, and that is what I needed anyway.
Today was a nice time. The weather is cool and perfect for for an outing. We went about three miles today, which is slightly farther than we went last week, but we were not really pushing. We took it nice and easy and just kept moving.
Now, if I can train Peanut to not feel the urge to poop on every run it would be much better. Having to run while carrying a baggy filled with dog doo doo is not optimal.

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